The Halloween season is fast approaching and, if you have kids, they might be going out trick or treating. We just wanted to share a few safety reminders before the kids venture out for some good ole fashioned trick or treating.

Something that you may not have thought about is reviewing the State of Connecticut Sex Offender Registry List that is available prior to going out trick or treating. The registry is available online through the State of Connecticut, Department of Emergency Services & Public Protection, and may be viewed in order for one to have a better understanding as to who is in their neighborhood, and which homes you may wish to avoid while out trick or treating.

If you are out traveling during the night time hours of Halloween, please be mindful of and use extra caution for the young trick or treaters. Distracted driving or speeding could be an extremely dangerous combination on this night when coupled with the volume of young trick or treaters that will likely be out and about and/or in the roadways. Please take it slow so that everyone can have an enjoyable and safe evening!!

The children will have that one major goal in mind- to get as much candy as possible while out trick or treating. Please make sure to check all the candy and to make sure that your child never consumes any candy that may have already been opened, and to remove any candy that may cause allergic reactions, choking concerns, or other safety concerns.

While some of these other pointers may seem like general common sense, please make sure that any younger children are accompanied by an adult at all times while trick or treating, and never allow any children to enter a stranger’s home. Your children should stay in well lit areas, and only approach homes when there is some indication that they are participating in trick or treating festivities. Any child going trick or treating should wear some type of light colored clothing or reflectors, or carry a flashlight or glow stick, so that they can be seen in the dark. Adults should do their best to make sure that children safely remain on sidewalks and/or use crosswalks while trick or treating, and that they never stray into any areas that may otherwise be unsafe and/or not heavily populated. Children should always use designated walkways in order to try to prevent any unnecessary falls or injuries, and should always wear costumes that don’t present tripping hazards. If you have older children that are going out, then they should always have a buddy with them and/or go out in a group. Children should never go out trick or treating alone! We want all of your children to stay safe and have fun!



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