Every one of us has been on a multi lane roadway or limited access highway in low to moderate traffic and had someone enter the highway from an entrance ramp and make a bee line to the far left lane; whether it is two, three or even four lanes they need to cross, they need to be in the left lane. Why? What is the appeal? If they don’t step on the gas in the right lane, they are not going to do it in the left lane either. Remember the old driving rule that seems to have disappeared from our modern world “keep right except to pass”? It is still posted on our highways and it is still the law (C.G.S. §14-230). As a result, we have people occupying every lane even in low traffic making traveling on our highways an obstacle course and an incubator for road rage.

If someone is coming up behind you at a fast rate of speed, regardless of whether they are exceeding the speed limit, get out of the way if for no other reason than your own safety. People are lined up in the left lanes because they are the fast lanes, yet they are barely reaching the posted limit while the right lanes are virtually wide open. Maybe we should label the right lanes as the passing lanes and the inner lanes as the travel lanes. Will reverse psychology work? Probably not. What these left lane travelers do not realize is that they are forcing others to “weave in and out” to get around them making travel for everyone on the highway more dangerous. If you are in a left lane and there is no one to your right, then you are in the wrong lane. If you are in a left lane not passing, then you are in the wrong lane (unless traffic is so heavy it necessarily becomes a travel lane). If you are afraid to pass a tractor trailer, you do not belong in the left lane. If you are in the left lane and there is no one in front of you for a long distance and there is a line of vehicles behind you, then you are in the wrong lane. These simple travel rules make highway travel smoother and minimize road rage making travel safer for all. Common sense can go a long way.

Remember, keep right except to pass!!

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